MY REVIEW: I have reviewed this place before and I just wanted to say that the food is still great and the service has gotten much better since our first visit when they opened. Hope they stay around for a long time.

NAME: mjacks
SUBMITTED: 10/3/2009   LAST VISIT WAS: 9/2009
FREQUENCY: Everybody here knows my name...

10130 Grant Rd, Houston, Texas 77070

MY REVIEW: I've always seen this restaurant going up to Lone star college, but decided to drop and try the food with a classmate. It was a good thing I did! The waitstaff were very friendly and the restaurant was well kept.

I ordered pad thai and my class mate ordered this steak dish that came out sizzling on a skillet. Portion was huge and food was very good. We will definitely come back! I highly recommend anyone to try this place out!

NAME: Susan Smith
SUBMITTED: 3/20/2009   LAST VISIT WAS: 03/19/09
FREQUENCY: Visited once

10130 Grant Rd, Houston, Texas 77070

MY REVIEW: Every time I crave Thai food, I always go here. The service is great. The people here are so nice and attentive. The food is never disappointing and good for a great price. They make this steak dish called Tiger Cry that is so delicious. I also recommend their fish in their garlic sauce. I usually always start with the papaya salad as an appetizer, which is not offered at every thai restaurant. Overall, the food, service, price is well worth the visit!

NAME: firesaver50
SUBMITTED: 3/8/2009   LAST VISIT WAS: 03/2009
FREQUENCY: Visited 2-3 times

10130 Grant Rd, Houston, Texas 77070

MY REVIEW: I love this joint. Yummy food. Try the Chicken Pad Thai. Ambiance is cozy and classy. Service is excellent. Prices are extremely reasonable. Owners are super friendly too. You gotta try this place if you haven't already. What are you waiting for??

NAME: Steve and Thu
SUBMITTED: 1/8/2009   LAST VISIT WAS: Jan. 2009
FREQUENCY: Everybody here knows my name...



MY REVIEW: Mango Tree Thai Bistro is an amazing place to eat! The ka Pao Basil with beef is my favorite dish. Be careful not to get it too spicy. Today I had it made to a 4 on a 5 scale and it was great, be careful though. My son like to Pad Thai dish with a mix of chicken and beef, and my wife always orders the yellow Curry with chicken and rice. The wait staff is very friendly and take good care of you. My wife eats there at least twice a week...

NAME:Jim and Diana H.

MY REVIEW: Mango tree is a must-try-place!! Delicious fresh food at reasonable prices and an impeccably clean restaurant; I was very impressed with the quality of the product and strongly recommend it. Paying an average of $8.00 per meal & drink, per person, is definitely not a high price when you take quality, cleanness, and service into consideration.

NAME: Sugy


MY REVIEW: I was in the area on a business trip. I had the garlic soft shell crab for dinner. It was very flavorful. For the drink I was undecided but the waitress suggested a boba tea. So I tried their boba cappucino, very good. Also, I ordered their special fried rice TOGO. No complaints there. Atmosphere was cozy. Highly recommend.

NAME: RoadDog


MY REVIEW: this place is great! finally.. a place i can dine at in this area. im tired of fast food so im very glad this restaurant has opened. food is yummy. i love the kee mao, the ka pao ground chicken, the garlic shrimp. ALL of the appetizers are delicious. i will def. come back.. again and again!

NAME: deliliah


MY REVIEW: My first visit to Mango Tree was the most pleasant dining experience I have ever had. The restaurant has a unique and modern style to it. The food was authentic with the perfect mix of spices. The Pad Khi Mao and Pad Thai are a must try. In addition to being the most delicious Thai food I have ever had, they also have Boba (Tapioca) Tea. The price was very reasonable and staff was as pleasant as can be. I will definetely be coming back again and again. If you are in the neighborhood of 249 and Grant, you have got to stop by!

NAME: TxGolfGuy

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: Since my first review, my wife and I have been back many, many times. We have taken all of our sons and a couple of friends. Everyone raved about the food. No one said the food was good, they said it was GREAT. All said this was one of the best resturants they had ever visited. Everyone appreciated the fact that the place is clean and that patrons aren't sitting on top of one another. Our oldest son is in the food industry. He once managed a very exclusive 4 star resturant. He is very critical when it comes to resturants, especially when it comes to cleanliness. He rates this place as way above board on food quality and cleanliness, in fact he asked to eat here when he was in town for Thanksgiving. The service is also great and everyone is very nice.

NAME:Ralph W.